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  • An explanation of the body’s metabolism
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How to Lose Weight-And Keep It Off
Learn how you body metabolizes food, why it stores fat, and how to tap into your natural bodily mechanisms to lose weight and avoid regaining it all over again.
Slim fitRight, so you have a future event that you are planning on looking fabulous for and feeling confident lose weight and you know that action must be taken NOW in order to achieve your weight-loss goals.

Furthermore, you are motivated and ready to lose weight fast. Current scientific thought is moving towards making gradual, small steps towards changing eating and lifestyle habits to promote healthy weight loss, on the grounds that slow steps will become long term healthy habits and fad diets, such as the alkaline eating plan, are not maintainable and ultimately, can even lead to weight gain.

Diets increase appetite: It appears that dieting can actually alter the part lose weight in a weekof the brain that is associated with food reward resulting in dieters feeling both hungrier and craving high calorie foods such as junk food. Furthermore, hormones that are linked with the regulation of appetite also change significantly.
Diets only address Food: There are many important and significant factors that are involved with weight loss and these include emotional feelings and behaviors, stress, exercise and muscle tone, hydration and sleep.

I lost 6kg and also maintaining a better living since December 27th 2016

I know, as I am normally a very private person. But pictures do speak louder than words and with a weight loss product, what better way to show it!

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“I am now able to exercise daily and enjoying getting back to the level of fitness I maintained. I can wear the clothes I want and do everything in life I want to do.”
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